We Are All Searching For an "Ideal" Love Story...

Credit: Jonathan McPherskesen, Flickr

Credit: Jonathan McPherskesen, Flickr

Each and every one of us, to some extent, has an idea of what we want our romantic relationships to look like, as well as preconceived notions about what love "should" be like. However, realistically speaking, what is an ideal relationship for one person may not be an ideal relationship for another.

Our views regarding what a romantic relationship "should" look like can also vary based on what we have seen play out in our families of origin, as well as our past relationships. In addition to our own life experiences, many of us have been influenced by books, movies, and the media.

We are all searching for that "ideal" love story, but perhaps we need to be more flexible about our concept of what we consider ideal in order to deepen our satisfaction.

Recently you have seen in the news that quite a few notable celebrity couples have split up. While scrolling through social media, it is difficult to ignore the captions making declarations that love no longer exists, and that if these couples can't make it, there is no hope for the rest of us.

It is easy to become discouraged when it comes to hardships in marriages and relationships, particularly when we look to celebrities and actors/actresses and put their relationships on a pedestal.

This gives us an impossible standard to live up to -- and these unrealistic portrayals of love can interfere with our perceptions of what we want our own relationships to look like.

The reality is, it is up to us to take our relationships into our own hands. Every relationship is different and goes through different hardships, and no two relationships are completely alike. More than anything else, it simply takes dedication, communication, and willingness to make it work.

Here at AFI, we can help clients deepen intimacy while remaining individuals, overcome conflict, and feel more connected to one another.

Written by Danielle Vabner, Undergraduate Volunteer

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