Learn About Our Sliding Scale Services

A sliding scale is a tool we use to determine fees for our services. At AFI, we are committed to providing affordable mental health care services that is also high-quality. We do not accept insurance because if we did, the kind of services we can offer would be limited in both time and quality. Our solution is to offer our services at a rate that is competitive with most insurance carriers' copays. To calculate fees, we consider your gross monthly or annual income in addition to how many dependents you have. 

Who offers services on a sliding scale?

Our associate therapists, post-graduate associates, and graduate associate therapists offer services on a sliding scale. Our directors and faculty provide services at a full-service fee. Why the difference? Our directors and faculty are volunteer officers of the Austin Family Institute. Directors and faculty provide leadership, administration, supervision, education, and training for the next generation of clinicians. We are extremely selective about those whom we invite to join us as associate therapists. We are confident that our associates receive more supervision and training that any other mental health service provider in Austin.

Most of our staff have already received the total of the formal education they need to become licensed clinicians. By joining AFI, they are receiving additional training that makes them even better clinicians. If you are looking for affordable individual, couple, or family therapy that is both low-cost and effective, you've come to the right place

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