Matt Godwin, MA, LPC

Matt Godwin, LPC-Intern

Matt Godwin, LPC-Intern

Matt is a graduate of The Seminary of the Southwest with a Master of Arts in Counseling. He has experience working with families in hospice and has helped people during the most vulnerable times in their lives. Matt has seen first hand how unresolved and damaged relationships have negatively impacted people and caused pain. One of people's biggest regrets at end-of-life are the relationships they have neglected. Matt has a passion for working with individuals and families to address hurts and impasses: working towards growth and connection. The most rewarding reason that Matt is in counseling is being both witness and participant when individuals and families recreate a narrative that consists of healing, openness, and new creativity in their relationships and life goals.

Matt views every client and family that he meets as being on a unique journey of discovery. He will meet you where you are, knowing that a lot goes into the decision to seek counseling. Relationships and life can seem like an uphill battle that leads to frustration and the feeling of being stuck. Matt will help you navigate your hurts into a place where you can allow yourself to hope again. Therapy can both be one of the most difficult and rewarding things that you do for yourself.